StoneLock® Gateway - StoneLock
Facial recognition for access control
Biometrics, Facial recognition, face recognition, access control, biometrics for access control, facial recognition for access control, fast biometrics
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With StoneLock Gateway, StoneLock provides an enterprise biometrics solution that provides scalability, high availability, seamless functionality and traceability across multiple simultaneously connected physical access control systems (PACs), enterprise resource planning systems (ERPs) and other external system integrations capable of providing credentialing data or desiring to monitor activity. As enterprises expand and adopt biometric solutions, StoneLock Gateway provides a seamless identity management solution that overcomes limitations with traditional PAC systems that do not allow for the full functionality and power of a biometric device.


With StoneLock Gateway, enterprises can seamlessly integrate multiple globally distributed systems while clustering numerous StoneLock Gateways to provide a truly enterprise-ready solution for complete identity management. Each StoneLock Gateway includes a web client capable of managing the solution from either a PC or mobile device.