Facial recognition for access control
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Access Control Platform Integrations and Software


    C-CURE 9000

    StoneLock® Pro database integration with C-CURE 9000. Supported versions include 2.60 & 2.70. Victor Web Services license required.



    StoneLock® Pro database integration with OnGuard. Supported versions include 7.4 & 7.5. Open Access only.



    StoneLock® Pro database integration with ProWatch. Supported versions compatible with Honeywell HSDK v

  • AMAG


    StoneLock® Pro database integration with Symmetry. Supported versions, 8.1. Open XML and Data Export License required.



    StoneLock® Pro database integration with Security Center version 5.6 & 5.7. SDK license required.



    StoneLock® Pro database integration with ACM. Supported version 5.10.10.

  • S2

    S2 Netbox

    StoneLock® Pro database integration with S2 Netbox. Supported version 4.10.04.

Check with your local integrator or contact for the latest on supported versions of our integrations. 

StoneLock® Gateway Installation Manual:

Detailed walk through of the setup, connectivity and use of the StoneLock Gateway.

StoneLock® Enrollment:

This video provides a walkthrough of the enrollment process when using the StoneLock Gateway web client. Once user data is brought in to the StoneLock Gateway from the 3rd party access control platform these users are fully managed in the web client. User data is paired and encrypted with their biometric data and then distributed to each StoneLock reader based on the access that was defined by the 3rd party access control system. 

StoneLock® Pro integration configuration diagram:

This diagram provides an overview of how StoneLock® Pro sits in an enterprise level access control system. Additional details can be found in the respective integration manuals under the resources page.

StoneLock® Pro Integrated Features


  • StoneLock’s integrations allow you to manage all of the biometric templates and push them to the doors the person has access to in a very simple user friendly interface. Person’s only need to be enrolled once to gain access to all of the appropriate units.


  • StoneLock® Pro offers the ability for administrators to remotely enroll their users and see this happening while doing so. This is just one unique advantage of the Stone Lock’s integrations.


  • StoneLock’s integrations enable the user to attach the biometric to the existing personnel credential which pulls in the permissions, expirations and follows that person to each door they have access to.


  • This enables the administrator to assign additional layers of permissions and schedules to provide the end user with on screen visual feedback if he or she does or does not have access to the particular space the particular time of day.

StoneLock® Gateway:

Enterprise Biometric Solutions require the seamless movement of hundreds of thousands of biometric templates between thousands of readers.  The SL Gateway provides an optimized, scalable solution for managing templates, removing this burden from the Customer, Integrator and OEM partner. 

The Gateway receives credentialing data through an XML file structure. By monitoring and actively consuming XML files, the Gateway provides a standardized, universal interface that is agnostic to the programming language, operating system and type of connectivity of the data source. The Gateway actively supports simultaneous connectivity from different system types while supporting live or batch processing of credentials, including immediate recover of a Credential System through file replacement.