[AUDIO INTERVIEW] StoneLock CEO Colleen Dunlap Talks Facial Recognition at ISC West - StoneLock
Facial recognition for access control
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12 Apr [AUDIO INTERVIEW] StoneLock CEO Colleen Dunlap Talks Facial Recognition at ISC West

[Originally Published in FindBiometrics, April 11, 2018]

Facial recognition is a very hot topic right now. The launch of last autumn’s iPhone X, with its face-scanning user authentication feature, helped to popularize this kind of technology among consumers the world over, while expanding airport screening programs are showing travelers how facial recognition can speed up the travel experience. So it’s a propitious time for StoneLock, which specializes in near-infrared facial recognition technology, particularly for access control. Having launched its StoneLock Gateway identity management software in September, the company is now offering StoneLock True Frictionless, a platform combining StoneLock Gateway with its StoneLock Pro face scanning hardware.

The company is of course on hand at this week’s ISC West expo in Las Vegas, where FindBiometrics President Peter O’Neill had the opportunity to catch up with CEO Colleen Dunlap on the show floor. The two began their discussion with an overview of StoneLock’s offerings and improvements to its biometric matching technology, and proceeded to talk about how new regulations are helping to drive adoption of biometric access control, what that means for StoneLock’s business, and how the company plans to keep this momentum going.

Listen to FindBiometric’s full interview with Colleen Dunlap, CEO, StoneLock: https://findbiometrics.com/isc-west-interview-stonelock-ceo-colleen-dunlap-504110/