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28 Mar StoneLock to Feature Innovative Biometric Identity Management Solutions at ISC West

StoneLock Gateway Enables a True Frictionless™ Experience for Enterprise-Level Identity Verification with up to 20,000 1:N Users – Visit Booth #6051 in Las Vegas on April 11-13

Olathe, Kan. StoneLock, an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of enterprise-level facial recognition access control solutions, announced today that it will showcase its latest innovations in biometric identity management at ISC West on April 11-13, 2018 in Las Vegas, NV. The StoneLock® True Frictionless™ Solution now supports 20,000 face-only (1:N) users, providing a scalable identity management access control solution for companies of all sizes.

At ISC West, StoneLock will showcase its True Frictionless™ Solution delivering a hassle-free user experience with 1:N capability for up to 20,000 users­, providing a truly frictionless, enterprise-level identity management solution. The True Frictionless Solution is a combination of the StoneLock® Pro device and the StoneLock® Gateway. The Gateway provides a complete biometric-centric credentialing and identity management solution that supports a highly available, fully secured, seamless movement of hundreds of thousands of biometric templates between thousands of readers. In addition, the Gateway delivers versatile integrations including the leading access control systems.

StoneLock will also demonstrate an identity heatmap exhibit, providing visualizations of how StoneLock is able to pinpoint an individual’s unique biometric identifiers. Attendees at ISC will have the opportunity to enroll in a StoneLock unit and view their identity heatmap first hand. The identity heatmap showcases the distinctive nature of StoneLock’s facial recognition technology, including the way StoneLock protects user identity.

“At StoneLock, we strive to deliver the most innovative biometric identity management solutions in the industry to our valued clients and partners. Our True Frictionless™ biometric identity management solutions are paving the path forward when it comes to deploying biometrics for today’s access control challenges, while continuing to provide the seamless, user-friendly experience we have become known for,” said CEO and Co-Founder Colleen Dunlap. “This year at ISC West, we are especially excited to demonstrate our near-infrared technology with our identity heatmap visualization exhibit. Attendees will witness for themselves an accurate visual representation of how a StoneLock unit views their biometric identifiers, demonstrating our frictionless and privacy-centric approach to biometrics.”

StoneLock’s True Frictionless™ biometric identity management solution set, including StoneLock® Pro and StoneLock® Gateway, will be available for demonstration at Booth #6051, as well as with industry partners Boon Edam at Booth #8037 and HID Global at Booth #11063.

For more information about StoneLock’s biometric solution set, please visit or follow us on Twitter at @StoneLock.

About StoneLock

StoneLock is a leader in designing and manufacturing secure biometric access control solutions. Using near-infrared (NIR) technology for facial recognition, StoneLock offers rapid, reliable verification of identity and provides ease of use for both users and administrators of the system. The StoneLock® Gateway, a biometric-centric credentialing solution, delivers a seamless integration between StoneLock’s facial recognition devices and external systems capable of providing credentialing data or desiring to monitor activity.  Offering both scalability and versatility, the Gateway provides global access control management for enterprises of all sizes. More than 35 percent of Fortune 100 companies and government entities rely on StoneLock, a privately held company, for the seamless protection of their most critical assets. For more information, visit