StoneLock Pro - Product
Facial recognition for access control
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StoneLock® Pro offers end users a True Frictionless experience. The process to authenticate is very intuitive and little effort is required to authenticate. Simply approaching the device facing forward begins the authentication process.


StoneLock® Pro embeds the HID iClass® SE reader and an onboard keypad allowing for multi-factor authentication. This can be deployed in a multitude of ways, including 3-Factor authentication to support every level of security.


StoneLock® Pro uses our proprietary algorithm which captures unique biometric data from a user's face to generate a unique biometric metadata template for each user. This is achieved independent of ambient light and without the capture of personal identifiable information (PII).


StoneLock® Pro offers an extensive list of integration partners enabling users to fully manage their biometric profiles. This includes the ability to remotely enroll users and push the biometric profiles to the devices across the security network.


The Ultimate in Security + Convenience™

StoneLock® Pro Data Sheet

StoneLock® Pro PowerPoint Presentation

The StoneLock® Identity Heatmap


StoneLock® Pro is a sophisticated biometric facial recognition access control device that provides instant, reliable confirmation of identity without storing sensitive personally identifiable information (PII).  StoneLock’s proprietary algorithms collect unique biometric data  from a user’s face to create each unique biometric template.  The biometric data collected is dynamic based upon population analysis. StoneLock technology uses near-infrared wavelengths that are safe, invisible to the eye and allow for reflectivity measurement of features below the skin in order to generate unique biometric metadata  for each user. StoneLock technology is proven to distinguish between identical twins and multiple expressions on an individual user’s face. All of this happens independent of ambient light and without the use of photos, ensuring the correct person is gaining access even in total darkness.




  • Multi-factor authentication (Biometric, HID iClass® SE Reader, Keypad)- HID embedded solutions partner
  • Suitable for areas that require high through-put (about 1 to 1.5 seconds/user).
  • All events (successful and denied attempts) are logged with a simple jpeg, time stamp and secondary credential(s) used
  • StoneLock® Pro devices can be networked via several enterprise applications or by using the proprietary StoneLock® Gateway solution when access control platforms are unavailable SEE MORE
U.S. Patent No. 9,740,917
  • Networked devices enable remote enrollment when using an integrated access control platform with the StoneLock® Gateway web client 
  • Users and permissions can be managed by an integrated access control platform or or the StoneLock® Gateway web client
  • Monitor the “street level” view from the Faceplate camera on an as needed basis
  • Scalable – operates as a standalone device or on an enterprise system through the StoneLock® Gateway
Faceplate & Control Unit Dimensions


StoneLock® Pro’s biometric facial recognition uses a proprietary algorithm that uses unique biometric data  from a user’s face to generate a unique biometric metadata  template. This is achieved through near-infrared (NIR) wavelengths which are safe, invisible to the eye, and relatively unaffected by ambient light or temperature. NIR penetrates biological tissue almost 7x visible light, allowing for sub dermal spectroscopic measurements ideal for capturing intrinsic properties (shape, reflectivity, expression) while minimizing unfavorable extrinsic factors.

StoneLock® Pro’s near infrared technology is able to overcome the inconsistencies of visible light, and is ideally suited to create a safe, passive user experience. A subject, once detected, is matched to their unique biometric template, and in less than a second, StoneLock® confirms or denies a match within it’s database.  StoneLock® Pro’s facial recognition technology is proven to produce an FAR better than 1/250,000.